In any business, it’s important to be able to report on your strengths and weaknesses. Whether it’s to inform future business decisions, report to shareholders, or pitch your product or service to a new investor, having a robust way to report on your company’s integral functions is crucial. At the same time, reporting can play a big role in how you manage your team and help them grow. If you’re looking for three ways to improve your call center reporting, these items should be at the top of your list.

Use The Right Call Center Software

Having the proper software can go a long way in ensuring that you have everything you need at your disposal to make a killer report. Bright Pattern’s cloud call center software is one example of an enterprise-level platform that truly empowers the user. For example, with Bright Pattern’s software, you have all of your customers’ data integrated into your call center platform. This kind of dynamic integration can give you a much deeper level of insight into each of your customers and the reasons behind their communications with your business. 

One example of how this data can be used to bolster your business’ operations is by identifying certain agents that handle particular customer queries best. By using automatic call distribution features as part of the software platform, you can route specific requests directly to the agents who best fit those sorts of requests. Harnessing your data in this way allows you to improve agent productivity and decrease your overall costs. It’s also worth noting that the right call center software will give you powerful analytics with which to build your presentations and reports. If you aren’t using a system that gives you the data you need, it’s impossible to provide the sort of insights necessary to grow your company. 

Combine Empirical Data With Anecdotal Data

Once you’ve collected the data you want, don’t completely disregard anecdotal data. Having a combination of anecdotal data as well as harder, more empirical, data can give a much fuller picture of how your call center is operating. Whether it’s utilizing a quote from a new customer service agent or highlighting feedback from a customer, using anecdotal data to underscore and reinforce empirical data helps every report become a little more accessible. Remember when you are building a report on your call center, you want to make sure your target audience can understand the meaning behind the data. Using stories is one way to help convey that kind of information without seeming condescending to your audience. 

Remember Presentation Makes A Difference

How you present your data is almost as important as the data you are presenting itself. Just like your audience must understand what you’re saying, it’s equally vital that it comes across professionally and represents your company well. There are several ways you can ensure the quality of your presentation. One way is to involve your graphic design department when it comes to building a PowerPoint deck to present to VIPs. This ensures a consistent brand presence and can help keep information clean and professional. For printed reports, it’s just as important to go the extra mile, too. Finding a business like Mines Press to help with your report covers can make any document feel more official. Companies like Mines Press will even let you customize their materials with your logo and colors, which can also help reinforce your branding and create a more complete package. 

A lot goes into ensuring your call center reporting is accurate and helpful. From leveraging a call center system that offers you full access to a robust data set to find the best way to present information to your constituents, there are plenty of steps you can take to improve your call center reporting. By keeping the above concepts in mind, you’ll be well on your way to finding the perfect solution for presenting your call center reports.