The objective of investigating a prospective employee’s background is to obtain information regarding the different areas of his or her life so that an employer can ascertain the suitability of the individual. The thoroughness of the background check will depend on the level of responsibilities inherent in the position. Many companies, however, have the tendency of leaving the processes toward the end, once they have selected someone. At this point, negative information found on a prospect’s background will hinder the process and may require additional resources. Therefore, the point at which a candidate is investigated is important.

This task can often be long, complex, and prolonged. But doing so will prevent a business from experiencing unpleasant situations that can end up being problematic for an organization. Therefore, when an employer finds the right candidate, the process needs to continue. It is worth the effort to verify historic information about the person, thus avoiding any kind of setback for the business and its current employees. But what does the background check entail? Here are some of the variables that should be kept in mind.

Criminal Background

These types of reviews, including a prison search, look at a person’s behavior and the different areas that determine an optimal lifestyle and sense of living, including societal and family environment. As an example, organizations will always want to avoid hiring individuals who have been linked to crimes relating to robbery and who have faced charges of theft for positions where there is daily handling of cash.

Credit Risk and Rating

A credit rating can provide a business with an idea about an individual’s level of fiscal responsibility. Although a poor score should not eliminate a person from most positions, organizations looking to fill senior-level positions at a financial institution may want to avoid those with questionable financial decisions in their recent credit history.

Verification of Academic Titles and Certifications

One of the characteristics of a background check is the possibility of corroborating the studies carried out by the candidates or verifying any mandatory certification required for the position. This will be a key point in determining the accuracy and honesty of what is revealed by the employee in the submitted curriculum vitae or resume.

Get to Know Your Employee

Getting to know the people hired will allow an organization to protect the company, employees, and other stakeholders. There are people with criminal histories seeking employment that, depending on the level of responsibility of the position, will generate a high risk if hired. If a business employs a violent criminal or one with a history of sexual misconduct and the person assaults or abuses a coworker, the company may be held liable. Instead, a background check will mitigate the risks and will serve as due diligence for the business, employees, and customers.

Always Start with the Background Check

In some cases, it so happens that a candidate passes all the filters of the selection process and fails the background check. Therefore, the company ends up wasting a great deal of time and money. Hence, companies should carry out the employment process by starting with the background check, thus eliminating those with questionable pasts that can be detrimental to the organization right from the beginning.

It is important to keep in mind that candidates who are in the selection process are portraying the best of them, illustrating positive characteristics that will be beneficial to the organization. Performing a background check, face-to-face interviews, and requesting references will provide a clear idea of who you are hiring. Remember that not all personnel selection processes require the same level of detail. Understand the position, its responsibilities, and the needs of the organization and perform the level of depth required to ensure that all sensitive aspects are covered. Furthermore, if using an automated service for hiring, look for one with an easy to follow user interface and experience. Or, if you happen to be in a position to build your own hiring tool, it might be an investment worth considering.